Faith: a Sci-Fi RPG Kickstarter Review

Faith: a Sci-Fi RPG Kickstarter Review

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In 2016, Burning Games released Faith: Garden of Hell on Kickstarter as an introductory starter kit for their science-fiction setting. The boxed set contained an 80-page campaign booklet with a short campaign, an updated rulebook, a fully illustrated playing deck, a deck for NPCs and gear, four pre-generated character folios, and a campaign outline. Once I received my Kickstarter reward, I was introduced to a vibrant and futuristic setting with plenty of unknown dangers. Besides the lore, Faith employed a card based mechanics system that utilized traits and skills to determine outcomes when resolving scenes. This tactical execution of luck instead of using dice rolls, which according to Burning Games, creates a dynamic and immersive storytelling environment. After their successful Kickstarter, Burning Games returned with a full-fledged hardcover core rulebook as their Kickstarter entry of 2017. The Kickstarter for Faith: the Sci-Fi RPG was a complete success, nearly doubling their €40,000 goal.

In Faith, players assume the roles of space-faring aliens exploring uncharted regions of the universe using a mix of technology, skill, and mystical powers against ruthless organizations, political regimes, and unknown terrors. Players can choose between four playable races with over thirty adventuring seeds and details on over twenty planets and outposts. The system also supports starships and presents over seventy-five non-player characters, including with factions, mega corporations, and galactic level political struggles. There are also the Ravagers, a lifeform consuming species that mutates and twists DNA like an evil blender. The races are united in cooperation in the face of their common threat, but underlying political strife creates the backdrop of a universe full of endless possibilities.

The core of Faith’s mechanics revolves around the use a poker deck to resolve actions and confrontations. At the beginning of every scene, each player, including the Game Master, draws up to 7 cards (or 8 if a character is a human) that will be used to determine the outcome of these confrontations. Additionally, a Skill-Attribute system establishes an action value and how many cards can be played to increase that value. The cards represent a character’s stamina that becomes depleted across the length of a scene and replenishes after being fully rested. The core mechanic allows players to manage their luck and strategize their chances for success. While you can acquire a player deck, which is filled with stunning art set in the world of Faith, buyers can also use generic poker decks from a game shop or if they own one at home. The NPC and Gear decks are a collection of content straight out of the core rulebook but are accessible for Game Masters to run confrontations and hand out items as either loot or rewards to players. Not having the player deck is a passable exclusion for purchase when running this game, but the NPC and Gear decks reduce flipping through pages and making copies of content to improve streamlined gameplay.

Burning Games previously won a Silver ENnie Award for “Best Free Content” in 2016 and received several accolades from Golden Geek Awards. The core rules have undergone revisions, additions, and improvements from their initial release in 2015. The Kickstarter may not be over, but interested gamers can purchase the Faith core rulebook on Burning Game’s website. You can buy the core rulebook for €49.95 ($60), or go for the Believer Pledge for €73.65 ($88) which includes the core rulebook along with the NPC and Gear decks. Curious buyers can try the system by purchasing the starter kit, Faith: Garden in Hell for €29.95 ($36).

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