PC: Frederick “Flint” Silver

Name: Frederick ”Flint” silver
Class: Pirate captain of The Tides Edge
Sex: male
Race: Human
Age: 32
Concept: A pirate with a code of honour

Height: 6feet
Weight: 100lbs
Clothes: a red tricorn head with golden edges, a red trench coat with underneath a black shirt, running across his shirt are two belts with on each two holsters for flintlock pistols, a black pair of pants with brown belt and a pair of brown boots
Hair: short darkbrown hair
Face: deep blue eyes and a brown stubbly beard

Personality: Flint is a very loyal person and very kind to anyone he can call his friend or respects. However if you get on his bad side he will kill you without regret. He rarely shows any emotions to someone except for anger and happiness

Equipment: four flintlock pistols each in a holster, two cutlasses on his thighs made from fine steel with engraved on the blades ‘Edge of the waves’

Companion: Stevie, a lizard about the size of a hand. Stevie is always with Flint either on his shoulder or hat. Stevie is shy but is very nice once he Gets to know you. He’s always looking out for Flint in his own way.

Lore: The island of Inouh was part of the far east isles. The island itself was very peaceful and beautiful with a wonderful forest taking up almost all of the fairly small island except for the town of Limesfield which lies by the bay and some steel and treacherous cliffs all around . Limesfield is a self sustaining town, having everything the people need to survive, it even has a nice pub called the golden kraken. The pirates that live here do not seek trouble with each other as they all care for the island. Underneath the whole of the island runs a completely undiscovered cave complex filled with all kinds of secrets and resources.

History: After losing his mother just after she gave birth to him and his father at the age of 16 in a storm, his father’s crew took care of him and taught him everything his father taught them. After time passed Flint took over command of his father’s old ship and sailed following in his father’s footsteps. One day when they returned from a succesfull mission they noticed smoke rising from the island. Upon closer inspection they saw Limesfield burning down and the people dead in the streets, the ships in the bay sinking or already sunken. Flint looked all around to find what caused this but couldn’t find anything or anyone who could be responsible.

Goals: Flint’s main goals are to find out who or what might have caused the mass murder on Inouh as well as finding the necessairy funding and people to help him rebuild Inouh and Limesfield to their former glory.

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