Free Adventure: The Gribbits Detective Agency

Dragon Friends is a Dungeons & Dragons live comedy show and podcast, which normally takes place at Giant Dwarf in Sydney, but they’ve also played at Wizards of the Coast in Seattle and at PAX Australia in Melbourne. The cast has changed a little, but the core has been Dave Harmon as dungeon master, Ben Jenkins as the non-player characters, Alex Lee as Philge the sexy half-orc barbarian, Simon Greiner as Bobby Pancakes the halfling rogue, Michael Hing as Freezo the homeschooled elf warlock/baker/murderer, and Benny Davis as live bard. This Saturday they’re doing a live show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The most recent issue of Dragon+ included a free Dragon Friends urban investigation adventure, The Gribbits Detective Agency, written by Jenkins and Harmon; and illustrated by Greiner.

In the first season of the show, the Dragon Friends expose a conspiracy of the Artificer Cult in Waterdeep, burning down a lot of the city in the process. In the months since, the city has begun to rebuild, but a lot of people have been left homeless, putting pressure on the city’s almshouses and temples. Janos Meer, Beggar King of Waterdeep, has been investigating what the Artificers were up to. Now he’s disappeared. Gribbits the goblin lawyer is worried about the power struggles that will happen when folks in the underworld realise… Gribbits recruits some fledgeling adventurers to find Janos Meer, but (unfortunately) the Dragon Friends are also on the case. As usual, their approach involves indiscriminate smashing, burning and killing.

The adventure provides five locations (including Freezo’s bakery and the ruins of the House of the Artificers) that Janos had investigated before he went missing, each which may provide the adventurers with clues as to what has happened to the Beggar King and what the Artificers were up to.

It should be noted that this adventure takes place in Dragon Friends’ uniquely twisted version of the Forgotten Realms. Waterdeep as presented in Dragon Friends includes many references to contemporary real world city life such as bureaucracies, unions, gentrification/urban renewal, firearms and suspicious public service contracts.

You can download The Gribbits Detective Agency for free here.
You can listen to the podcast here.
You can book tickets for Saturday’s show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival here.
You can book tickets for Sydney shows here.

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Unfortunately, this will be my last weekly column on Encounter Roleplay, at least for a while. I’m hoping that at some stage I’ll be back though!

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