We’re Going to GamesFest UK! Oct. 22nd!

Ever wanted to meet the Encounter crew in real life!? UK fans, fear no longer! Will, Josh & Beth are attending UK GamesFest this year! Book Tickets here!

What is GamesFest UK?

GamesFest is an Annual event in the UK for RPGs, board game enthusiasts and Wargamers to get together and play their favourite games! It’s also a cool place to find and play news games, and this year, us!

Facebook Event – Sign up for Updates and lots more info on the event!

Book Tickets – Cheap tickets in Advance and on the Door!

Map – Make sure you find us!

Website – Everything GamesFest UK related!

What are you doing there?

Will is running ALL DAY LONG Open Legend games for anyone and everyone to join in on! We’ll also be livestreaming the entire event from within the Event hall. There will be copious drinking afterwards.

When is it?

October 22nd, starting at 10am and ending in the evening. The Encounter crew will be sticking around in the pub afterwards though, and all are invited!

Where is it?

A little place called Tring, near London! There’s a big hall there! Here’s a Map! 

How do I get a Ticket?

Tickets are currently only £2.50 in Advance and £5 on the door. Book Tickets here!

I need more Info!

Check out the Facebook Event or their Website!


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