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I recently asked a few crafters about crafting for tabletop rpgs.  For those of you that don’t know, Wyloch is a crafter that posts videos on crafting as well as using crafts in sample games; you can find him at https://www.youtube.com/c/WylochsCraftingVids.  Personally, Wyloch was the first crafter that I watched and it was a pleasure to be able to ask him these questions.


(Michael Bertolini) Do you play tabletop rpgs?  Which one(s)?

(Wyloch) Dungeons and Dragons: previously 2nd edition, and now 3rd edition

Dungeon World


(MB) Why do you use miniatures?  Do you prefer paper, plastic, or metal?

(W) Yes!  I began using cardstock, because with Google image search and Photoshop, I could literally find whatever creature I wanted, size it down and adjust the colors, and make my own.  I have recently gotten into Warhammer 40k, and I do use the official Citadel miniatures for that game.   But roleplaying games, it’s still cardstock for me because the needs change every single session – I have no interest in buying a new monster miniature just because I’ll use it once in my next session.


(MB) What motivated you to craft your own terrain?

(W) I found theDMsCraft YouTube channel, following theDMG.info YouTube channel.  Check them both out, and this question will answer itself very quickly.


(MB) Why do you choose to craft what you craft?

(W) Most of the time, I am making something that I need for an upcoming session.  However, as my channel has taken off, I sometimes mix in projects that I have no intention of ever using, but think that the community might; and so, I build it.


(MB) Is there any terrain/miniature that you hesitate to craft?

(W) Anything sculpted or cast.  I have tried using clay and casting on a few occasions.  In my opinion, the messiness, cost, and time do not measure up when compared to cardboard or foam.


(MB) What do you plan to craft in the future?

(W) Among many smaller things…remember the very first dungeon in Baldur’s Gate II (Irenicus’ lair)?  I intend to do a complete to-scale build of it.


(MB) What would you recommend people starting to craft do? Do you have any advice for people starting out?

(W) Begin minimally.  Identify the marquee encounter in your next session, and construct it – a slab of cardboard stippled with grays works fine as a dungeon floor, and then build two or three features that make the room distinctive.  That could be a series of coffins, some pillars, an altar, a throne, a pool of acid, etc.  There are MANY resources on YouTube to help guide you.


(MB) What products do you recommend?

(W) A hot glue gun is essential.  Of the two standard sizes, buy the smaller type since it allows you to do detail work.  I have never had a need for the larger version.  I also recommend chipboard


You can find all of Wyloch’s videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/WylochsCraftingVids

You can contact me on Twitter @mbertolini


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