Gold Rewards!

Now you can earn loads of Gold just by spending Hours watching our streams! All you have to do, once you’ve hit the Required Hours is send in a Twitch Whisper to EncounterRoleplay! Alternatively, email in to: 

Grab some loot and level up while listening to the show! Every 5 minutes you can earn 5 Gold just by being here, and an extra 5 for being active in chat (Subs earn Double!) Spend it in our !tavern

Your Donations now Earn you 100 Gold per £1!

Follow us for an instant +100 Gold!
Subscribe for an instant +1000 Gold!
Earn more Gold by Donating! 
Check your loot with !gold 
Gain Gold just for watching! (see below)
Find your next level with !level

Note: If you ALREADY have these Hours, it still counts! Email in to gain the Rewards!

Hour Rewards