PC: Gribolth Pranahari

Name: Gribolth Pranahari
Player: Nidair
Details: A 227 year old male rakshasa sorcerer
Concept: Illusionist with a bit of lightning magic knowledge

This is the furry connoisseur of wine and women known as Gribolth. He is
curious to a fault, and has quite the dark charm around him, although
his eye for female beauty knows little bounds, and has a bad problem
with mind-altering substances. On the flip-side, he is very caring about
the people he considers friends, and tries to make life pleasant for
those in his company.

Gribolth looks like a rather tall example of a catfolk, reaching about 6
foot and 7 inches. He has a long, black and white striped tail, with his
forehead and lower jaw being the only other white parts on his body.
Perhaps the most odd-looking about him is the long white hairs on his
head, camouflaging his eyes and covering well beyond his neck.
The rest of Gribolth’s body is shrouded in a black and gold doublet, as
well as some luxurious trousers in matching colors. The belt might be
the most exquisite piece of clothing, being made of naga skin decorated
with emeralds. The tall cat’s most prized possession is a kris with a
hilt also made of emerald. The cross-guard is in the shape of a snake,
and the letter G is carved into the hilt itself. At most times, however,
it is safely stashed away in a black leather sheath attached to
Gribolth’s side.

Other equipment
A bottle of perfume, a bag of moss, a carved emerald, a hair brush in
the shape of a spider.

While Gribolth originates from the infernal realms, he didn’t want to
have anything to do with the hellish affairs, and fled to the material
realm in order to cement his name in either fame or infamy. He started a
business as a merchant, making a small fortune, particularly when he
used his talents as a master illusionist to pull off a swindle, I was
during this time he met another of his kind named Tybalt, with whom he
formed a friendship like he had never experienced before. Tybalt helped
Gribolth off the path of dishonesty until he met his untimely end. Being
away for business at that time, Gribolth traveled the world to search
for a way to get his friend back.

Gribolth met the Dawnbringer family in the Gilded Galgatron, and they
showed him enough compassion to make him question his ethics. The cat
left in mysterious circumstances and showed up in the higher circles of
Al Lemura, lending his services as a merchant and diplomat, though
recently he has left the city after a heated discussion with his fellow

Magic Items
Kris: The ornate kris has some kind of magical enchantment even though
Gribolth avoids combat if possible.
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing: Without these, drowning would be a
serious possibility for Gribolth. They also allow him to climb

Tavern Room
Gribolth made his home underground, covering the entrance with a hatch.
Inside the chamber is a tall bed, a construction made of obsidian with
spider emblems at the front and back. The desk and cabinet next to it
are also obsidian forged, giving a purplish tint. This is all in shrill
contrast to a set of glass and crystal mirrors, decorated with exquisite
frames in more vivid colors, and featuring numerous emeralds. The
mirrors are accentuated by an expensive carpet depicting Gribolth with
another cat like him, one with a purplish fur, and both having a jovial
smile on their face.

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