The Hive: A Horror Series in Open Legend

The Hive is a New Series beginning on EncounterRoleplay next Tuesday at 4pm EST, using the Open Legend System. A hive is a cluster of witches/warlocks who together wield the power to move the very stars. The main focus will be horror and darker themes, and each episode will consist of different smaller parts of the main story arc. You can find the Character Sheets for The Hive here, and here’s a little teaser for you.

You feel the cold winds, your heart is pumping harder and harder. It’s black outside, small pockets of blue shimmer from the moon, you can’t see, it’s dark. You hear this roaring sound from a large beast, is it you who hunts it or is it hunting you? Heart rate is pounding, almost as if the heart wants to break free from your body. Your fingers are numb from the cold, you don’t want to be here. Is this real? You make a circle on the ground, a couple of warding spells, hoping it will keep the beast out. Nothing makes sense, your body falls to the ground, why is it so hard to breath. The heart is pounding, echoing in your head, like a drum that’s just picking up a faster and faster rhythm. Shaking, shivering, cold, why is it so hard to breath.. This can’t be real?

Watch The Hive live on Tuesdays at 4pm EST on EncounterRoleplay!

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