Horror on the Orient Express: Episode 3 Recap

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  • Episode 3

Searching for the Sedefkar Simulacrum, an item of great power hunted for by Christians and Turkish Cultists alike, the Investigators find themselves in Venice, 1923. Having previously caused havoc within the city, they fled aboard the Orient while it was being destroyed by gigantic tentacles. After the initial assault, they found themselves traveling to Trieste and took command of the train alongside a trained physician, Dr. Gray. They scavenged for supplies, restored some kind of order and found food from a nearby village after needing to stop due to a snow pass blocking their way. That night, strange creatures attacked them, forming from the icicles of the Italian Alps and relentlessly sliding their way through the snow towards the train. In a desperate maneuver, Nancy crashed the train through the snowy pass and into safety.

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