Horror on the Orient Express: Episode 6 Recap

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  • Episode 6

Searching for the Sedefkar Simulacrum, an item of great power hunted for by Christians and Turkish Cultists alike, the Investigators find themselves in Trieste, 1923. It became clear to the group that another piece of the Simulacrum was in Trieste, and they contacted a local cult, the Lloigor. The leader of this cult, an ancient abomination known as Ithaqua, told them that the Investigators would have to kill the Turkish Cultists in their territory, in exchange for the Simulacrum. Upon breaking into a medical facility, the Party were ambushed by the Turks, and barely survived, taking shelter in a Church with Father Josiah. Father Josiah captured Evelyn and flayed her, revealing himself to be working for Makryat and the Turks. Pat saved her, and the Party went to a Midnight tour at the Lloigor Caverns. With the help of the Lloigor Cultists, they defeated a band of Turks hunting them through the darkness.

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