I, Necromancer


A dark fantasy webcomic inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Lovecraft.

In the frozen halls of Lu’Ghul Castle lingers Vanion Knightwood, an ancient elvish Necromancer. As he reflects on his tragic past, his ambition, and being a father, he prepares to unleash an unholy plague on Mankind.¬†I, Necromancer¬†¬†tells the ghoulish story of Vanion and the ragtag band of flawed adventurers who oppose him.

The Archives

After VANION murdered his own daughter, MISCHAELNA, as part of his plot to incite a war between humans and elves, the elvish Necromancer and his man-servant RAPHAEL meet with the four chiefs of the elvish clans and their knights. Meanwhile, during the Festival of Ghouls in the downtrodden human port city of Korsova, the hunchback outcast PIOTR tries to reconcile the devastating loss of his only friend, and employer, MISCHAELNA.

SCENE ONE: The four elvish chiefs and their knights arrive at Lu’Ghul Castle under the light of day.
SCENE TWO: The hunchback Piotr navigates the gloomy streets of Korsova during a foreboding festival.
SCENE THREE: A very tense “supper” meeting between the Necromancer Vanion and the elvish chieftans begins.
SCENE FOUR: Piotr recalls a strange love, and the toll it took on his humanity.