I, Necromancer Chapter 3, Page 2

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Written by Donathin Frye   Twitter
Illustration by Mharz   Twitter
Colors by Snowdon   Twitter

New to I, NECROMANCER? Check out the Archives, where you can get recaps, bonus content, and catch up first two chapters in a free, easy-to-read PDF! Meanwhile, we get to meet four new characters in one page — some of my favorites of the series so far — as they travel to meet with Vanion.

And that’s it for our first set of new pages for Halloween launch! Thanks again to EncounterRoleplay for providing my a great platform to share my grim fantasy tale with other folks who love a good yarn and D&D. I’m looking forward to releasing a new page weekly and sharing it with folks here. Please, share your thoughts (or just say hello!) in the comments section down below … and remember that you can get access to new pages of the webcomic weeks/months early, as well as other behind-the-scenes exclusives, by supporting my work on Patreon.

Happy Halloween!


6 thoughts on “I, Necromancer Chapter 3, Page 2

    1. Thank you! Always fun to explore new voices and perspectives within a story — and it helps that Mharz’s character illustrations are so expressive. One of the things that I think is important to hint at, at least on the periphery of the tale, is that the elves are not a singular indigenous culture uprooted by the humans; they are a diverse peoples with different perspectives and values. Writing towards that with a handful of characters from different tribes is a really fun way for me to explore the idea!

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  1. Hey, Donathin! I honestly hadn’t realized the new chapter had begun and I caught up too quickly to be wholly satisfied…the art and color is intriguing and conveys an entirely new direction. Whereas the first two chapters were murky tales to tell around a campfire, this new approach feels more accessible and will doubtless bring with it as many eyes as it deserves. I’m glad you’re back to continue the story and I can’t wait to watch it unfold!

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    1. Thanks Adam! Glad you’re diggin’ it. We’re back to new pages every Tuesday here now. The world’s definitely getting bigger in this chapter — but we’ll still have those campfire tingles too, even with the new direction we’re taking the art. Here’s hoping the reboot helps more folks find our little love letter to the darker corners of D&D style fantasy, and then share us with their friends. I love talking stories and chatting with folks about comics and fantasy!

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    1. Thank you! We’re going to be exploring a more personal, quieter type of horror in this chapter. The sort that I think a lot of folks, myself included, will be able to relate to. But it’ll keep being pretty, vivid and colorful, too! :p I hope you enjoy it.

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