I, Necromancer: Chapter 3, Page 32

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Written by Donathin Frye (Twitter);   Illustration by Mharz (Twitter);   Colors by Snowdon (Twitter)

My personal life has been crazed this month! Starting multiple new jobs, working on some incredible projects, watching as much horror as I can for our annual 2-month Halloween horror marathon. Right now, my nightmare fuel is Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. To any of my readers who are horror junkies (i.e. probably MOST of you) … I highly recommend that series. It’s easily the best thing that I’ve seen on television this year. Happy haunting, my friends. 🙂

Meanwhile, in I, Necromancer this week … things go from bad to worse, to even worse. I think my new favorite set of pages may just be this week and next week’s. As we draw near to the end of this long chapter, I find myself REALLY looking forward to collecting it into one file so that it can be read all at once together. I’m feel like the story and the art have really hit a great stride, and I’m just very grateful that folks enjoy our dark tale here. All I ask is that if you are here, reading and enjoy, you share this comic with a friend that you think would also enjoy it! <3

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