Into the Feywild

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 Kienna – a self-described bard and an amateur DM. When she’s not playing D&D, she’s a university student from Canada who also doubles as a writer, theater enthusiast, and all around nerd.  Find her on Twitter here.

 Tommy took his first steps into the world of tabletop RPGs during the days of D&D 3.5e. Unfortunately his first campaign came to a rather quick end when he and his party TPKed against a sentient dining table. However, he had gotten a taste for adventure and decided to delve deeper. After spending a few years leveling up, he decided to take a break from the adventurer’s life to pursue other endeavors; namely obtaining an academic degree. He returned to D&D two years ago to find that it too had changed and upgraded to 5th edition. This time he decided to take the reins and lead his friends on adventures through mysterious and magical lands. He now lives in Cleveland planning his next adventures and trying to figure out how to make D&D pay for them. Find him on Twitter here.

AnaBPhoto – Dogs, photos and other geeky/scary adventures. Find her on Twitter here.


ErhoTv – Competitive HotS player for HGC Team Super Stars, Erho can be found on Twitch here.

Cempestre  – An English nerd living in Berlin, drinking way too much German beer and occasionally writing a PhD in early medieval history. It was her love of the fantasy genre that led Cempestre to study history in the first place, and she’s always loved reading, writing and playing anything fantasy related. She rediscovered D&D after a 10 year lull when she began listening to podcasts – including the amazing Turncloaks!