Introducing Cheering for Donation Rewards!

We appreciate that sometimes Cheering is easier & quicker than Donating for Rewards to affect our games, and so we’re introducing a simple system for Cheers. This is a Program we’re putting into Beta, and may readdress in the future.


You can find the whole list of Donation Rewards here, but I’ve put them into each Tier of Reward for simplicity.


£1 Tier Rewards = 125 Bits

£3 Tier Rewards = 375 Bits

£5 Tier Rewards = 760 Bits

£10 Tier Rewards = 1250 Bits

£20 Tier Rewards = 2500 Bits

£30 Tier Rewards = 3750 Bits

£50 Tier Rewards = 6250 Bits


Understanding the Bits required for Donation Rewards

For each Bit that you Cheer, the Streamer sees around 1 cent worth of that Revenue. Therefore if you Cheer 100 Bits, I receive $1. All of my Donation Rewards are in £, my local currency, which is $1.25 per £1.  I’ll link to the Twitch Help article for more info on Cheering.

Due to the way that Twitch takes a cut of the Cheer money, and on top of that I get taxed extra for being outside of the US by Twitch (~30%), I don’t see all of that Revenue, as opposed to Donations where I see 100% immediately, hence why the donation-to-bits conversion is not completely equal. As far as revenue that I earn myself, they are proportionate.

The Cheers program is in Beta for EncounterRoleplay; we may readdress it in the future.

Some advantages to using Bits rather than Donations:

  • Along with receiving your regular Donation Reward, you earn different Badges to stand out in chat that display your support for the show
  • All cheers for 125 Bits and over will be Pinned to the top of the chat for 60 seconds
  • The Badges remain forever so everyone knows that you’re a big supporter for the stream
  • It’s a different and simpler option for Donating to the show

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