Karaen Henderson

Name: Karaen Henderson

Player: Cherry Hill

Details: 23 year old Half-Elven Sorceress.

Karaen is often known to take an almost narcissistic approach to her appearance, amongst which her long, thick ebon hair is of utmost importance, having been groomed laboriously and imbued with the slightest hint of arcane to give it its otherworldly beauty. Being a half elf, Karaen shares both human and elven features granting her flawlessly smooth skin with only the faintest hint of a blush. Her dark violet eyes are framed by thick eyelashes which curl effortlessly upwards only adding to the darkness of her features which serve to contrast her almond shaded skin.

Clothing: Karaen tends to wear mostly dark clothing that she keeps in her travelers trunk in whichever inn or apartment she has temporary residence in.
Weapon: Aside from the use of her spells, Karaen keeps a small dagger strapped to her thigh on the off chance her magic fails her.
Bags: More often than not this particular self-centered half elf would opt to have her things carried for her but when it does come to her having to actually hold items she would have to use the small dark leather bag which elegantly hangs across her body from the shoulder.

Personality & Concept:
Karaen would give off an aura of narcissism and self-obsession and on the outside it would seem as though she cared little for others but in actual fact in private she wishes to have more friends and perhaps feel more connected with others in the world. Karaen often would donate to charity and try to find the good in all people.
Knowing from an early age she would grow up with magic which was passed down through her prominent bloodline of elves, Karaen did little for herself and would most likely use her magic for simple tasks not limited to cosmetics and cleaning.

Karaen is only one step from being a normal elf if it wasn’t for her father being human and of noble birth. Her upbringing was very sheltered seeing the outside world from the windows of a horse drawn carriage but when she turned 12 years of age it was her duty to practice her families arts of sorcery and arcane as well as her studies in mathematics, language and diplomacy. From her studies she learnt a great deal about the outside world and it’s histories choosing to only aid and progress the world as best as she can before she departs onto the next one.

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