Kobold Press returns with Creature Codex on Kickstarter

Kobold Press returns with Creature Codex on Kickstarter

By Jacky Leung     Twitter

After their successful 2015 Kickstarter campaign for Tome of Beasts, the kobolds return with more monsters and beasts in a brand-new Creature Codex. The latest D&D 5th Edition supplement brings over 300 new monsters to challenge players. All Kickstarter backers can submit an original monster idea for possible publication while higher level backers can commission the team at Kobold Press to design and illustrate their monster.

Backers can choose to participate in playtests or previews of the supplement if they pledge $30 or more. The Kobold Press team plans to provide digital support on platforms such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Hero Lab after the campaign, though no specifics were given to when it will be implemented. PDFs of the maps and lairs will be available for pledges $30 and above.

There are additional PDFs expected to be included in higher level rewards once unlocked via stretch goals. At the time of this article, it is likely that these goals will be met since the Kickstarter was fully funded in two hours. The pledge for a backer commissioned monster already fulfilled, meaning future backers will have to consider for publication. The campaign includes backer goals to increase the number of monsters published from backer submissions, a great incentive to support Creature Codex even for $1.

Additional pledges include $20 for the book PDF; $30 for the PDF along with maps, lairs and five packs of playtest and previews. The most common tier would be the $45 level reward, granting both the hardcover and digital version of Creature Codex. For a few dollars more at $55, a backer has both versions of the book along with the maps and lairs and preview packs. A pawn set for Creature Codex along with previous rewards at the $90 level. For $125, a backer can acquire the coveted limited edition hardcover of the book.

Limited edition covers for Creature Codex are offered, from an exclusive hardcover of the tome to handbound vellum. Presently, the vellum hardcover is no longer available (due to limited pledges), but the limited edition hardcover is still available. The limited edition cover, limited to 333 signed numbered copies, sports a leatherette cover, oil stamps, ribbon bookmarks, and “as much arcane, monstrous style as we can muster.”

A backer can even pledge to have the kobolds run a D&D game for them in a convention or online featuring maps and monsters from Creature Codex, along with a vellum handbound edition, a regular hardcover, and all previous rewards.

Link to the Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2AZkHHc


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