Lost Mines of Phandelver: Episode 2 Recap

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  • Episode 2

When last we left our heroes, they were investigating a manor they suspected to be the base of operations for the Yinth family as well as the source of an unseen beast and an odd beam of light that roams the streets of Phandalin at night.

After besting some half-human/half-snake foes, the group rested then resumed their exploration of the manor, each taking turns at being the party rogue much to Nate’s frustration. There was an awkward moment in a crawlspace that led to the suggestion that the group be called “The Cubby Klub,” but that was quashed… for now. Oberon triggered a spiked pit trap but avoided falling in, which led to the group’s first ever well-thought out plan via Hagg’n. Unfortunately, the execution of this plan was far from flawless, but the party prevailed nonetheless.

Another two snakefolk down, and the party proceeded. However, Oberon’s familiar Pyrrle was captured by two hags while she was scouting, forcing Oberon into a bargain: bring the hags some potions made by the Oberon-lookalike “Glasstaff” in exchange for Pyrrle’s freedom. The party pressed onward, discovering an enchanted rapier of the dwarven bard Brummon, which Oberon eagerly claimed. After Nate scouted ahead, Oberon successfully charmed one of the snake people named Ringold (so called because of the gold rings on his tail). Ringold led the party toward Glasstaff’s alchemy lab but were halted by yet more snakefolk! Regrettably, their new companion met an untimely death, and Oberon was seriously injured while a chagrined Georgie was left practically unscathed. From the other room, a giant duck (yes, you read that right) entered the fray but was quickly compelled to the party’s side thanks to Lianna’s magic. Once the remaining snakefolk were defeated, Georgie was able to catch a glimpse inside Glasstaff’s quarters and was faced with a most disturbing sight: a small three-headed dog, Glasstaff (who indeed could be Oberon’s twin), and, perhaps, most terrifying of all – HERSELF!

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