Lost Mines of Phandelver: Episode 4 Recap

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  • Episode 4

When last we left our heroes, they had rushed into the strangely deserted Stonehill Inn with the growls and snarls of a large creature closing in behind them.

The group managed to barricade the door, but Nate was more interested in drinking than defending the inn. After the unknown beast seemed to move on, Hagg’n fortuitously found a book entitled “Recipes of the Multiverse” while simultaneously playing Georgie’s wingman – er, wingdwarf – to the increasingly smitten Sildar Hallwinter, who cleared up the situation with his estranged wife/Redbrand Ruffian Brandy. Although at first Nate seems jovial, he soon confesses that he killed the sleeping ruffian from their last encounter in the same way his best friend Olyver was slain. The pair of familiars (Pyrrle & Leo) finds a storm cellar, and Nate and Georgie decide to investigate. Inside, they find a cowering Toblen in the midst of a maze of Hagg’n’s ale barrels, which are apparently alive. They manage to evacuate Toblen, and all agree to take a rest before returning to the manor to find Thaddeus Yinth and stop the beast of Phandalin once and for all.

Nori Rockseeker provides the party with more supplies and is able to replicate Glasstaff’s anti-venom. Before they leave, on Sildar’s urging, Hagg’n writes a love letter to Druelda in Waterdeep while Georgie writes one to her mum and then goes upstairs with Sildar to write one to Duncan. Yup, that’s what happened up there: letter writing… Oberon and Nate visit the Alderleaf Farm where two woodsmen (Andran and Landar) are the only survivors of the previous evening’s attack. They agree to assist the party and provide more information about the beast they fought – Georgie and Hagg’n recognize their description as that of a displacer beast – a kind of dog with lashing tentacles that can paralyze and seems to be in several places at once. Nori encourages the party to take the manor so that the people of Phandalin will feel brave enough to rise up against the threat at the mines. The party descends into the secret tunnel.

Andran and Landar distract and lead off most of the guards while the party bursts into the manor, immediately facing two Yuan-ti. Although there were close calls for Nate and Sildar, the party dispatched the guards and pressed on, as the woodsmen’s distraction quickly seemed to be turning south. The group walked right into a trap of dive-bombing metal constructs that fortunately didn’t slow them for long. The room in which Oberon saw Thaddeus via a scrying spell appeared empty, but a set of spiral stairs seemed to lead up to the tower from which the light emanates, but, unbelievably, another giant, rage-filled duck blocked their path. (The party dubs this duck “Clarice.”) They decide to push past it as its large form cannot enter the staircase, and Hagg’n and Oberon distracted it with an illusory loaf of bread. On the way up, Sildar gifts Georgie a jeweled necklace to remember him by “in case he doesn’t make it.”

When they reach the top, a glowing orb and the displacer beast itself are there to greet them. After a crippling blow from Georgie, who is enraged at the beast knocking out Nate and almost knocking out Sildar, Hagg’n impulsively touches the glowing orb, and for once, his plan is one hundred percent successful! He is able to take control of the creature, and the party rides the beast (oddly enough, also named Hagg’n) down the back stairs to intercept Thaddeus. The rest of the ruffians scatter, and the party has taken Tresendar Manor for themselves and for the townsfolk.

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