Lost Mines of Phandelver: Episode 5 Recap

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  • Episode 5

When last we left our heroes, they had just taken Tresendar Manor!

Nate, Oberon, and Sildar bury the fallen woodsmen. Meanwhile, Hagg’n, in an experimental mood, manages to reanimate a skeleton that he dubs “Craig” to watch the mousy Thaddeus Yinth, now the party’s prisoner. Hagg’n also peruses Recipes of the Multiverse, the book he found at the Stonehill Inn, which leads him to a revelation: if he truly wants to brew the finest ale in the multiverse, he’ll have to go on a long journey to find the ingredients, a journey that must begin as soon as possible.

The party members interrogate Thaddeus, some more gently than others, but he doesn’t know much more than they’ve already gleaned. After an evening of relaxing, Hagg’n does some research in the library and discovers the Yinths and Yuan-ti have allied with the Drow to fight the Dwarves in the mines. The Artifact there may be a portal or rift to another plane as, like Waterdeep, Phandalin was long ago ruled by the Yuan-ti. The Artifact can somehow be used to spread the drug via air. Sildar suggests that the alliance between the Yuan-ti and Drow will be shaky at best.

The group descends to clear out the area below the manor. They meet with the hags who recognize the group as their new landlords and agree to no longer kill intruders but merely hold them. The party follows the sound of voices and encounters a goblin named Droop leading some bugbears. Nate convinces the group to join them in clearing out the remaining Yuan-ti. The group has the element of surprise on their sides, and they make quick work of the remaining enemies. They also find a nude portrait of Sildar who insists Georgie hang the painting in her room.

A group of villagers arrive with Toblen and Nori Rockseeker. Nori agrees to train the villagers so they can help in the fight at the mines, but first, the party needs to recruit more allies. There are druids to the north who would be willing to fight with the people of Phandalin once their own blight and dragon problems are dealt with.  Nori also has missives for the party. Six-Fingers sends his regards and will be gifting the party weapons to help them in the coming trials. Georgie’s mum also writes, berating her for rumors about her taking up with a man. Druelda replies to Hagg’n, but it’s moot because she herself shows up just in time for a small celebration the party is throwing. The new couple secretly makes plans to leave to begin their own adventures. Nate sends Droop and the bugbears to scout to the North. Sildar makes a point to ask Georgie not to kill his estranged wife Brandy – he wants her imprisoned but not murdered. She agrees. He also asks when she plans to introduce him to her parents. She avoids answering.

Lianna notices Hagg’n’s distraction, so Hagg’n reveals to the party that he is leaving. He makes his way around to the party members to make individual goodbyes, most of which are tear-filled. Meanwhile, Sildar also wants to know if what’s between he and Georgie is casual or something more. Georgie wants to wait to decide until the present danger has passed, so the two of them go upstairs to “test the headboard” over which the painting of nude Sildar now hangs. In the night, Hagg’n and Druelda fly off on the back of one of Druelda’s many pets – a friendly green dragon.

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