Lost Mines of Phandelver: Episode 7 Recap

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  • Episode 7

When last we left our heroes, they were about to take off on the back of a giant green dragon to find the nearest portal into the Feywild…

At the behest of their new druid acquaintance, the party mounts the green dragon (named Zander). He takes them far north, landing in a glade near the town of Torgem, which is in the midst of a lively festival. After a brief, worrying discussion about the possibility of time working differently in the parallel plane of the Feywild, the group heads to the town where they suspect the portal is.

Oberon recognizes the presence of the Twilight Faire, his old traveling circus. He reunites with Kaylyn, who returns a mysterious deck of cards to him. The party decides to have a little fun… Georgie plays a crossbow shooting game and wins the mystery prize: a giant duck. She is less than pleased, but Lianna is ecstatic. Eona and Nate spend time in the seedier part of town. Georgie considers freeing a dancing bear. Lianna collects stuffed toy prizes, and Oberon and Georgie get plastered. Their drunkenness eventually leads them to the bathhouse where they are confronted by DUNCAN HALLWINTER, who is apparently in charge of the whole town. This arouses many complicated feelings in Georgie who practically bolts back to their quarters after learning that Duncan seems to know all about her and his brother Sildar. Eona attempts to comfort her. Upon hearing that Duncan is here and has some power, Nate makes plans with Eona to negotiate with Duncan in the morning.

Nate can instantly tell that the Duncan Hallwinter who greets him is not the same young man whose death Georgie wept over or who Nate chose to bring back over his own love and childhood friend Olyver. Duncan agrees to send troops to assist the party in Phandalin in exchange for control over Sildar. He also wants to know more about Sildar and Georgie, but Nate refuses to satisfy that curiosity. The two eventually come to an agreement. Hearing all of this puts Eona on guard.

Meanwhile, the giant duck multiplies overnight into several smaller ones who are absolutely adorable. Lianna keeps the smallest one as a pet, dubbing him Dobby, and even has some duck-sized armor made for him.

The party gathers in the Mirror Maze of the Twilight Faire, which Oberon vaguely recalls contains the portal. They find their way to the proper section of the maze and manage to pass into the Feywild.

They emerge into a gigantic, overgrown forest: the brush contains thorns as long and sharp as daggers as well as two suns. Seeing the cycle of a day passes extremely rapidly, the group rushes into the forest toward Queen Titania’s court. Although they try to push their way through, two terrifyingly huge maggot-like creatures slither down the trees to delay them.

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