Lost Mines of Phandelver: Episode 8 Recap

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  • Episode 8

When last we left our heroes, two huge maggots spewing acidic vomit were approaching them as they headed through the Feywild toward Queen Titania.

On a Feywild-induced time limit, the party flees after felling one of the maggots, which proved to be more of a challenge than initially anticipated. The party makes their way across a massive moat. A few unlucky missteps later, the party is safely across. Most of the party is in need of a rest, much to Georgie’s frustration.

When the party finally makes their way into the castle, they observe sacs containing squirming maggot-like shapes above them. Needle-covered vines have completely taken over the castle including its Queen who seems to be in a deep slumber on her throne. Unable to wake her immediately, Oberon and Lianna explore her chambers where Oberon begins to recover some of his memories. He recalls having a falling out with Titania over her experimentation with the magic that makes up the drugs Spark & Sludge. The pair discovers a frightened pixie named Pepper hiding under a bed. She reveals that the Feywild was corrupted – the inhabitants turned into the maggots the party has been facing.

In a moment of inspiration, Oberon feeds Titania a vial of the Anti-Venom, waking her. Rather than the hostile meeting they expected, Titania reveals that she’s been keeping the corruption from spreading further. A Great Serpent brought the drug to her realm. She experimented with its magical essence, but it soon festered and spread. She suggests returning to her meditation and closing off the portals to the Feywild to stop any further spread. She warns Oberon that this will drastically alter his own powers. He accepts this and sings her to eternal sleep with a lullaby she used to sing to him. The party exits via the very last portal.

The Twilight Faire is gone. The town of Torgem is completely abandoned. Lianna and Eona go off in search of the green dragon Zander but don’t find him. The others head to Duncan’s, which also turns out to be deserted. Nate and Georgie explore Duncan’s room and find his diary and a private safe. The diary chronicles his heartbreak over Georgie, through his rise to power in Torgem, and through his hiring of Nori Rockseeker to keep an eye on the party. It also reveals that he stole back the belt Nate gave the temple clerics to bring him back from the dead. Nate searches for it in the safe, but the only valuable item inside is a beautifully engraved magic ring.  The diary reveals it was an engagement ring meant for Georgie that contains a telepathic link to its partner ring.

The party reunites, and Georgie dons the ring in hopes of contacting Duncan. He answers. After some prodding, he reveals that the party has been gone for TWO AND A HALF YEARS. In that time, the Yinths activated the device in the mines and took over the North. He and Sildar have made up and now lead a small resistance in the south, but Waterdeep is gone. Duncan urges them to come to the Old Forest to meet the resistance. Broken, the party travels south.

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