Lost Mines of Phandelver: Finale Recap

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  • Finale

Our heroes finally descend into the mines where, to their great shock, they find Georgie’s traumatized mother who informs Georgie that the rest of her family were killed in the attack on Waterdeep. After leading her back to safety, the party skirt around a handful of Yuan-ti guards and a mass of dark dwarves until they come across a magical barrier with three six-headed Yuan-ti mages behind it. Eona dispels the shield, and after a difficult battle with several close calls averted by Eona’s healing, Nate and Georgie deal killing blows to the hydra-like creatures.

After a brief rest, Oberon’s two pixies scout ahead down a huge, circular, ridged tunnel. Pyrrle returns, but Pepper does not. Realizing their enemy is now very aware of their presence, they descend into its lair. A giant forge filled with magma dominates the space, as does the giant snake the party has met once before. The snake now has four humanoid faces attached to its body – the former faces of the Yinth family. Surprisingly, it wants to negotiate: closing the portals to the Feywild has trapped it, and it wants to create a new portal using one of the party member’s life essences, which they can either give voluntarily or not. They opt for not.

During the battle that follows, Oberon dons a pair of enchanted gloves. When he does so, a roaring voice fills his head and reveals itself as a new, fiendish patron for the former Archfey Warlock. With this aid, Oberon conjures fire from his hands and burns the snake. Georgie deals a hefty blow early on and is able to position the snake in front of the forge. The snake retaliates by focusing on Lianna who falls unconscious and inches dangerously close to death, which would give the snake what it needs. Nate dexterously runs up the snake and leaps into its mouth to carve it up from the inside. Once there, the jaws close, and Nate realizes he is both trapped and that he has a chance to kill the beast from the inside. He is successful, and as the snake falls, the other party members scramble to cut Nate free. But they are too late.

Eona drops to her knees, prays to her god Ilmater, and manages to bring Nate back from the other side, somewhat to his disappointment as he had hoped to be reunited with his deceased love Olyver in the afterlife. The air clears, and the party realizes they are victorious.

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