The Luskan Almanac

The Luskan Almanac streams live on Twitch Wednesdays, 12-4pm EST.

Two Time-Travelling hobbits, Keef and Perl, find themselves fighting an Ancient Race known as the Gatherers who can strike at any point in time. In order to save the city of Luskan and all of the Sword Coast, they need to piece together the pages of the Luskan Almanac!


Keef (IamKeeferz) – Halfling, Rogue, lvl 1
Perl (Paul) – Halfling, Sorcerer, lvl 1

Session 1
Keef and Perl are hired by an alchemist named Ellion Blackwater to find some rare herbs growing in the sewers to help cure their mother of an ailment. Investigating the stinking sewers they witness an unholy ritual of tens of thousands of rats entering a portal created by seven-feet tall creatures (the Gatherers). Ellion explains that he is part of an ancient organisation known as the Arcane Brotherhood who fight the Gatherers and tracking their movements with a Tome known as the Luskan Almanac.Pages have gone missing however, and they must travel to the Whale Bone island to find them. They charter passage on a ship and find a Hermit who supposedly has their lost pages.

Session 2
Perl and Keef meet the Hermit, who reveals himself to be another member of the Arcane Brotherhood. He has hidden the pages of the Luskan Almanac in the past to protect them, and will send them back to go and recover them. They are sent through the Astral Plane to Icewind Dale. In the frozen wastes they are captured by Drow, but manage to strike a deal with Talnitra Navar, the Drow Mistress to spy on the Dwarves. “Escaping” with another Dwarf, Thaldrus, they set out to meet the Dwarves who have the pages of the Almanac.

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