Map: Cult Sacrificial Chamber

The cult sacrificial chamber is deep underground, perhaps in a sewer, a church basement, or down a well. What lurks inside is up to you! Will your adventurers pop open a grate and crawl through the muddy water to who-knows-where? Will they stealthily enter the chamber and not wake the cultists sleeping in the bedchambers? Or will they enter the chamber through the secret door behind the altar just in time to save a young child from being fed to a demon? The choice is yours!

Room Description

  1. A stony floor filled with water that flows from several grates. A set of double doors bedecked with fiendish carvings rests at the upper end of this room.
  2. The chamber itself has blood-specked floors and two wooden support beams. An altar rests on the western wall, and pushing on the wall behind it reveals a secret door.
  3. A bedchamber with two beds and wooden furnishings is lined with straw.
  4. The underground river flows westward into a reservoir. The cultists use a secret door to drag discarded bodies into the water to be disposed.

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