Map Download – Dungeon Classics – The Bridge

Map Download – Dungeon Classics: The Bridge

“Sometimes you just got to stick with the classics.” – Premier dungeon builder Azwald.

By Ethan Hudgens   Twitter   Website

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“Who builds these empty expanses? These great vaults and temples to unnamed gods?” An elderly, pointed man takes a taste of brandy from his arm chair. “I do. I, Azwald premier dungeon builder, build premier dungeons. For who else would house bandits and monsters of various types? Who else would give them a place to hoard treasure and murder adventurers? None. Only I am that good natured. Cleansing the worlds above from these unsavory sorts. Goblins, trolls, …adventurers. Things are much nicer here where green grass grows and the only chants are those to the sun and moon.”

“So… why such a classic? Sometimes you need to return to basics to regain an appreciation for greater works. You can’t make a Temple of Zjnarak everyday and the world always needs more dungeons. Something familiar that new adventurers can study and prepare for. It is like… community service. For I am a great and wonderful man, wishing only to share with the world. Oh. Hmm. It appears our time is up. I have a new type of impenetrable stone brewing and I need to observe this reaction. If you will excuse me.

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