Map Download – The Floating Isle

The Floating Isle

“Sometimes you just need to get away from the world.”

By Ethan Hudgens   Twitter   Website

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“I don’t rightly know how it happened.” Ms. Annette Bridgemire scratched her head. “One day I was wishin’ to see the world an’ the next I were above it like now. Good weather usually up here. Sometimes we dip juss below the storm to get some water for myself an’ Bessy over there. Bessy’s my cow. Think she’s gotten used to this whole thing too, though she didn’t make milk fer at least a month after the ‘Upsidaisy,’ as I like to call it.

“So when we’re goin’ over the ocean there’s good fishin’ and sometimes on festival days the island gets low enough for me to drop down the ladder like the one you climbed up on. So all things considered its a pretty good life up here. Don’t gotta deal with crows, or my papa tryin’ to get me suitored up. Just get to do my farmin’, my fishin’ and my dabblin’ in the ar-cane arts.”

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