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The Heart

I honestly don’t even know what to say about this one.

By Ethan Hudgens   Twitter   Website

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Standing atop the upper platform a shadowy figure stood despite the persistent glow around them. “Welcome, friends… To the Heart.”

The young woman stepped forward, her face twisted in confusion at the lights and sparkles around her. “What hell did we just step in?”

A tall man in an even taller hat walked up beside her examining a book. “I don’t know I’ve never heard-“

“Oh! How pained such words have!” The shadowy figure swooned and the lights below them flickered. “To be so close to my Heart yet without even the knowledge that I exist. No, this won’t do!” The shadowy figure jumps down from their platform and lands with their feathery cape flapping in the non-existant wind and a top hat covering their eyes. “I… am Fabulous.”

“More like ‘show-off.'” The woman unsheathed her sword.

“No no my dear. That is my name. And you will quickly find that I am invincible.”

“‘Es right!” The short member of the party had finally reached the top of the stairs and was now clinking his axe against Fabulous’ shins. “Don’t much like that.”

“See? Your friend here understands. I’m am untouchable. Though…” Fabulous’ cape swished through the air as they turned to the short one. “If you wish we could dance and maybe then show you the true meaning of passion.”

The short one looked over to his friends, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean I dun mind.”

“We don’t have time for this.” The woman looked at her sword and then to the ground. “Can you give me a boost?”

The tall man nodded suspiciously and began casting his spell. “Why?”

“You’ll see.” She smiled as her feet began to grow lighter and then launched herself into the air and into the darkness above.

“Oh, she’s no fun.” Fabulous smiled at the two gentlemen.

And then it dawned on everyone what she was doing and they all let out a collective swear.

Her sword pierced the Heart. The reality shattered and they returned in front of the strange standing door they had entered. As they dusted themselves off the door fell over.

“Another mystery solved then.” The tall man collected some of his scattered books.

The young woman sheathed her sword. “I’d be better if we got paid for it.”

“Ken always check in town, see’n if there’ were some bounty for it then.”

“Fine. Grab the thing. Let’s go.”

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