Map: Green Dragon Lair

Green Dragon Lair

Deep within the enchanted woods, a vile green dragon, bloated with power and greed, nests in his mystical hideaway. After digging through the trees and brush, adventurers come across a grove where the iron trees around them are as thick as a rocky dungeon wall. The green dragon has enchanted this grove as his personal living space, equipping it with traps and other mind-rending tricks to ward off intruders.

  1. An enchanting pond, glistening as though by magic. Be careful before drinking from it, as enticing as it may be! A fiendish monster or enchanted water might surprise you.
  2. A tent and campfire belonging to one of the green dragon’s attendants. Who has the dragon enticed into his service?
  3. The TRUE hoard! A pile of treasure buried in secrecy with a tunnel connecting it to somewhere in the lair.
  4. The FALSE hoard, a small pile of decoy treasure hidden behind some entwined roots. This area might have an obvious trap to better trick the adventurers into thinking it’s the real treasure.

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