Map: Grimmus Cabin

Grimmus Cabin

Once a year, everyone gathers for the Grimmus Holidays, where Goblin Santa soars across the sky and delivers gifts to all of the good little adventurers. Nothing suits a Grimmus occasion better than congregating at the family cabin in the snowy wilderness.

The Grimmus Cabin contains four bedrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen. Stone steps lead up to a front door (be sure to notice the Grimmus lights along the outside wall!) and a Grimmus tree sits on some rugs with plenty of Grimmus presents scattered around. The northwest end sports a fireplace and dining table, and a kitchen dominates the southwest side of the cabin. Outside is a large utility shed (where all the Grimmus decorations are kept) and an outhouse for those Grimmus poops that always sneak up.

Encounter Roleplay wishes you a merry Grimmus! May Goblin Santa bring you the best of gifts!

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