Map: Honey Farm and Meadery


The Honey Farm and Meadery is a brewery built underneath a gigantic beehive. Manned only by the bravest of brewers, honey farms can be dangerous to the unwary. Without the right protective gear, anyone can become victims of the territorial bees (which are huge because, hey, it’s D&D world) that live above the meadery. The honeycombed nest is also a magnet for bears and other large creatures that are looking for food. Incorporating the meadery into a game can be quite fun: maybe the queen bee has gone missing, or a predatory spider has infested the hive, or maybe you just want a neat setting for a good ol’-fashioned drink.

Room Description

  1. A brewery full of pipes, containers, and casks of mead ready to be shipped out. A ladder leads up to the platform above.
  2. This main platform is the point of entry into the hive.
  3. A spigot allows honey from the hive above to drizzle into the brewery below.
  4. This room is a honey reservoir that collects into the funnel below, which travels through the spigot and into the brewery.
  5. The queen’s lair—full of workers and drones, this area is where eggs are laid and pollen is brought in. There may be a bull jacket or two guarding the outside entrance.

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