Map Mondays – Cliff Town

“Times’ve been tough, miss. Got repairs to do, and ain’t no one wantin’ to take my bridge.”

Map Mondays – The Cliff Town

by Ethan Hudgens    Twitter     The North Seat

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“Why must we attempt to remember our dreams? What is it about human nature that drives us to rediscover these things which the mind has chosen to let go. It is those fragments, those lingering sensations that refuse. They demand to be noticed. These otherworldly sights, sounds and tastes.

“That is where you must go. A place that was to be forgotten like a fleeting dream in the first gasp of waking breath. Instead it lingers like a shiver down your spine on a blustery winter’s day. And like any unwanted, lingering thing it is to be disposed of.

“This memory will not go with drink nor magicks, but with sword and spell in hand. Grip upon these retched things, and rip – them – from – your -” The old man grasped at the bags of his eyes and began trying to remove them from his face as blood began to pool from his gums and ears. As the young knight rushed forward to stop him, the elderly man easily pushed them away with the strength of a madman before falling forward and catching himself with his hands. His head snapped upward, flesh removed revealing bone. “Let them free! Remember them and drag them into the waking worl-”

An arrow slipped into the haggard man’s eye and he collapsed. The knight turned around and looked to their cloaked companion who gave them a questioning look. “Thank you. That had gone on quite enough.”

“Agreed, though truth be told I was worried a demon might wiggle its way out from the arrow.

The knight gave a slight chuckle. “No, but I think we’ll have plenty of chance at the like by the time this is done.”

The cloaked figure approached the body and poked him with the length of his bow. “He is dead, is’ain he?”

“Yes. Now come along, we shouldn’t terry long here.”

“Hold up.” The cloaked figure quickly rummaged through the dead man’s pockets and pulled out a silvery trinket and some parchment, handing the latter to the knight.

“Hmm. Good find my friend. Looks like directions to this ‘memory.’ Looks like an abandoned town in the cliffs near the Scar.”

“Well damn, I was actually hoping to get lost before we ever found the place and maybe retire.”

“Not an option, and you know it.”

The cloaked figure looked to the knight and nodded with a serious face before giving them a sly smile. “Don’t mean I can’t have a bit a’ fun now and again.”

“I suppose not, but now isn’t the time.”

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