Map Mondays – The Hospital

“Science tells us that ghosts don’t exist. That the idea of ghost defies all the laws and theorem good Christians gone an’ proved. Me? I think ol’ science has gone and proved they do.”
by Ethan Hudgens    Twitter     The North Seat

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“Conservation of energy, not really sure who wrote that one. Probably Newton or Einstein or someone like that. Anyway, conservation of energy says ‘Energy can neither be created or lost.’ So what happens to all the emotional energy, all the pain and anguish that those people felt at a place like Thornton Hospital? They certainly had more than one lifetime’s worth. That’s your ghosts. Pure emotional energy bound into an isolated system, replaying the moments that brought them all their grief.

“That energy keeps getting replenished too by the people outside giving all their preconceived notions of the place, true or not, and throwing them at the old hospital walls. Keeps the ghosts fed. ‘Though if you really want to feed a ghost, best you can do is throw some people into that isolated system. People are full of emotional energy, chemical and electrical too. Its like throwing a live wire into a fish tank, ‘cept it don’t kill the fish inside. It just gets them riled up. They take in those people’s energy, make them release their fear and anxiety and gobble it up! They drain a body’s energy too, making them cold and weak. Batteries to things like your phones and cameras gonna dry up too, make the ghost stronger.

“Are you still interested? ‘Course you are. You all got that gleam in your eye like the rest of them. Well, here’s the key to the place. Don’t say I didn’t warn yeh though. I ain’t responsible for whatever notions you feed them, and what they do with that power. Juss’ whatever you do, don’t die. I don’t want tah have to clean up your mess in the morning.”

     – Jacob York, Groundskeeper of the abandoned Thornton Hospital

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