Map Mondays – The Church of Judgement

Map Mondays – The Church of Judgement

“Today we are gathered today to judge this man. You may have seen his ‘contemporaries’ out front, ‘gathered’ underneath the bough of the great oak. Do not let his sweet appearance deceive you. He is a villain.”
by Ethan Hudgens    Twitter

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“Today we are gathered today to judge this man. You may have seen his ‘contemporaries’ out front, ‘gathered’ underneath the bough of the great oak. Do not let his sweet appearance deceive you. He is a villain. This man who will only respond to the name ‘Goose,’ one so defiant of our laws that he forsakes the name given to him by his father in exchange for anonymity of the darkest recesses for this young man belongs to the Maiden’s Shadow. A thief. A murderer. He disregards everything you may hold dear. Every value of common decency he has broken. He takes from your hard work that he might continue to fund his deviant lifestyles. And he kills. He takes life from us. All of us.

“You may say that my intention is similar. I have this man die, yes. But this Goose. No, with a blade he cuts out the very life and soul given to us by the gods to do their work. He ruins families. He ruins communities. I would save us from this. I would have him cut out like a festering wound to save the flesh. In his death lives would be saved.”

The old magistrate coughed from behind his desk, staring straight into the eyes of the young justicar. “Have you proof of his actions?”

“Of course.” The justicar smiled as he motioned for his steward to bring out a blood-stained dagger. He held it up to the gathered townspeople before bringing it before the magistrate. “This knife was found on the culprit, covered in blood. Our clerics have determined the blood is the duke’s own.”

“If you’ve clerics, why don’t you just ask them to ask the duke with their death tongue?” Goose stared intensely at the justicar while the chains on his leg shifted.

“Unfortunately the duke claimed that he was stabbed through the back and never saw the attacker. You were caught on the premises. You were covered in blood. You had the knife. The only question I have is… why? Why kill a duke in his own home in cold blood.”

Goose remained silent.

“You see, magistrate, that the duke was also involved with the Maiden’s Shadow.” A smile twitched on the justicar’s face as the gathered gasped. “Hidden ledgers were found in his apartments in the city, and it seemed that he had planned to betray the group, seeing as he had no way of paying for the crimes. Debt was his first sin. His last was contracting these assassins to kill his debtor.” He turned to Goose. “Care to tell us anything now?”

“…Sounds like you’re intent on sending me to the gallows.”

“You were the one who put yourself on the path.”

“Don’t need folks like you troddin’ on folks like me.” Goose smiled as he leapt over the small stand with the broken chains on his legs dangling behind him. He grabbed the bloody knife from the steward and stabbed the stunned justicar in the chest. He whispered into his ear “there’s more than one set of laws. Your’s just ain’t mine. ‘Course, you already know all about that, don’t you duke.”

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