Map Mondays – The Wreck

Map Mondays – The Wreck

by Ethan Hudgens    Twitter

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Captain’s Log – 10-32

“They talk about the emptiness of space at the academy. They speak of the vast distances between stars and planets, galaxy to galaxy. Most of the universe is empty and as a voyager you will experience nothing. What they don’t explain is what ‘nothing’ is.

“I am uncertain of the days anymore. The concept of time beyond the rotation of a planet is meaningless in the expanse. The stars are always out, watching. Waiting. They are part of the nothing. They are part of the malady of this ship. Nothing corrupts. It eats away at the sanity of those who breach it. It consumes you in your waking hours. It taunts you while you lie unable to sleep. They taught us all what nothing was, but they didn’t make sure we understood before they flung us into its embrace.

“Some of the crew have gone insane. We have attempted to seal them in some of the empty cargo crates hoping that keeping them closer to the thing they seek will settle them. There’s talk amoung us to space the poor creatures, that they might embrace their return to nothing. I dare not leave the aft of the ship. I’ve trouble enough sleeping without revisiting the pounding cries of the wretched souls. I’ve trouble enough living knowing what awaits me as we drift aimlessly through the expanse.

“The engineer tells me that within a week (what is a week?!) we could find ourselves within the gravity well of Natrimonous, the star of the system we hoped to reach, and that it would only be a matter of time until we reach civilization again. The sounds of the engines igniting for only a moment to correct our lazy drift have been the highlights of my endless hours. It’s a reminder that we exist, despite the nothing. That we are more than a speck of dust lost in the sea of emptiness. We are a speck of dust on fire! Like the stars all around us twinkling in companionship. But what do they matter? What do any of us matter? I officially resign from my position of captain. Man was not meant to confront their own reality. Better they think themselves champions of their world before they see that their mountains are insubstantial, their skies are illusions and that their lives pointless. I do not suspect I will make this journey, least not the man as I stand now. Should I once again see a dawn across the horizon of a world I will appreciate it and not squander its ignorance.”

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