Map – The Grave

Map – The Grave

By Ethan Hudgens   Twitter   Website

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“No one is quite certain who lies in that grave, nor the maiden who lies flowers upon it every fortnight. I once thought to ask her myself, but there is something spectral, something otherworldly about her movements and dedication that freezes the blood in my veins and keeps me from trying. Even if she were not a ghost I fear she would not answer me regardless.

“The sword? I wouldn’t touch the thing. Thieves and would-be adventuring types have tried before you, and many will try after. It always finds its way back before the maiden’s scheduled return. Sometimes it is stained in blood. Other times it carries an immaculate sheen. The maiden pays no heed. She simply replaces the flowers in their urn and gives a silent prayer.

“I can’t tell you how to live your life, but by the Lady’s grace I warn you: do not interrupt this cycle.”

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