Map – The Steel Giant

Map – The Steel Giant

“When something is destroyed so entirely they often lose themselves in history and myth.”

By Ethan Hudgens    Twitter    Website

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“Have you ever heard the stories of the Steel Giants, girl? No, of course not. When something is destroyed so entirely they often lose themselves in history and myth. I only know of them because I had found one as a young man, lost in the mountains. The fog was so thick I could hardly see my mud-caked boots. Imagine my surprise as a glimpse of the orange glow before me, beckoning as if I were some moth. I accepted my role gladly, welcoming the idea of civilization and comfort. I crawled into the ancient, shattered and ivy stained workshop, closing the giant rolling doors behind me to hold back the beguiling mist. In the dim light my eyes first caught sight of thousands of small pink flowers growing from the rotten wood floors and rusted machines. But as I approached them I noticed something all the more alarming: It was human shaped and even as crumpled as it was as tall as the warehouse. From its open chest spilled the tiny flowers. They warped and tangled it in their vines and at that moment all I could think was “remove them.” I dared not follow my own instructions, as I bid you to do. Never free the steel giant from its bonds.

“We forgot them for a reason.”

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