PC: Marcus Dawnbringer

Name: Marcus Dawnbringer
Player: NossieMann
Details: Half-Elf, Male, Mid-20s,Warlock

6’2″, slight build, blonde shoulder-length hair and light blue eyes. He wears a set of very nice clothes with two daggers on his belt, and a purple cloak with he rarely puts the hood up on. A Dungeoneer’s Pack hangs on his back, and he wears a very nice ring with a crest of some sort on his right ring finger. When he gets angry, or casts a spell, he eyes darken to a deep blue with a certain coldness to them.

Generally a kind and caring sort, Marcus helps those who he can. He has an aura about him (non-magic) which seems to draw people in (especially the lower class citizens). He doesn’t speak much, listening to most people instead. When he talks to people, he says things that he has thought out well before he speaks. When he speaks, it is usually simple and short. He is still learning about all the different characters in the world, and can be naive sometimes. He defends the weak, and looks for the good in everyone. He feels that there is enough evil in this world, and one act of kindness can tip the scale and lead someone down a different path.

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