Mashupforge: Custom Interactive Maps

Mashupforge: Custom Interactive Maps
Mashupforge is a free online tool for making public/shared interactive maps. It allows users to create high-resolution maps by uploading custom images as backdrops and then populating them with imbedded markers and custom shapes. All of these markers can then be given collapsible text boxes describing the location, feature, or event indicated by the marker. Best of all, MashupForge then lets you host these maps publicly for free, allowing your players to access to your world, its lore, and their exploits at their leisure.

Now, I’ve only just scratched the surface of this tool, but so far it seems really promising. In our age of private wikis, campaign websites, and forums all meant to facilitate player engagement between sessions, MashupForge provides a wonderfully simple, visual supplement to any GMs online toolbox.

Check out Mashupforge here!

Here is a test map done with an image captured with the TerraIncognitacontinent generator tool:


And here’s a complex custom map most of you should recognize:


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