Masks of Nyarlathotep Episode 2 Recap

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  • Episode 2

1925, New York. Adventurer extraordinaire, Ryan Hawks, recruits a band of Investigators to his side to set out on an expedition likely to take them to Africa. Along the way they are betrayed by Ryan’s friend, and strange Cultists hunt the group. After discovering the death of Ryan’s friend, the Investigators explore the dockyard, following up on a clue that leads them to the House of Voodoo. The House of Voodoo held many secrets lost to the Party, as after they broke into the old antique store, Vashka & Elsie got into a deadly fight with a cultist which resulted in the whole place burning down. The racist Lieutenant Martin Poole spoke with Dr Thaddeus Lewis, and explained that he was part of a group of white elitists who wished death upon all other races, including the Cult of the Bloody Tongue from Africa. He gave them little choice but to accept his help, as he had delicate information and evidence regarding the burning of the House of Voodoo.

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