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Imagine finding one-day that monsters are real, that there is an agency bent on stopping the rise of ancient terrors and you are hired to fight these monsters. The world of Larry Correia’s urban fantasy series, Monster Hunter International, follows the adventures of accountant turned professional monster hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, on his misadventures with the agency and countless hordes of terrifying monsters from myths and legends. Gallant Knight Games has partnered with Correia to turn the world of Monster Hunter International into an RPG under the Savage Worlds ruleset. Additionally, returning Monster Hunter International RPG veteran Steve S. Long shall assume the position as lead writer of this project.

Fans of the series and previous MHI roleplaying game can look forward to a streamlined experience under the Savage Worlds system, of which Correia is a big fan. Savage Worlds is a setting-agonistic roleplaying game system with an emphasis on getting players into the action that is easy-to-learn. The type of dice defines the stats for characters, the higher the maximum value, the greater the likelihood of succeeding on checks. Resolving combat order is unique with Savage Worlds, for example initiative order is defined by the value and suit from a deck of playing cards. Priority, in turn order, is determined by Ace as high and Deuces are low, followed by suit order from Spades, to Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs.

The rulebook features full details on the MHI history and lore, the setting of the MHI series and more information on other world organizations, NPC stats for some of the series’ iconic characters such as Owen Z. Pitt, and a plethora of monster stats. Larry Correia will also contribute new MHI fiction and additional supplements as stretch goals are met. Stretch goal rewards include variations of MHI settings from Wild West to the 80s, more artwork, a possible coloring book, and an exclusive Action Deck just for the game.

The text and original artwork are finished for this Kickstarter, additional text and information from Larry will be added to the campaign along with the extra artwork. There is a $12 “pre-order” pledge for an MHI Challenge Coin, which is a coin bearing an organization’s insignia to represent their membership. A $15 pledge grants digital access to the complete rulebook and any related stretch goals. The $30 pledge is the first tier of physical rewards. You receive the 200-page softcover version of the book, an Action Deck, and a single Wild die as tangible rewards along with all digital ones. The $75 pledge permits an exclusive Kickstarter edition hardcover wrapped in faux leather instead along with all previous rewards. Finally, the $125 pledge has both the hardcover and softcover versions of the gamebook signed by Larry Correia and Alan Bahr from Gallant Knight Games. At the time of writing, the project has been funded and is halfway through unlocking their stretch goals, with the final goal set at a $100,000 threshold.

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