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Lauren – “OboeCrazy” Urban is a professional classical musician, performing on oboe and English horn all over the Seattle area. When she’s not playing a bard in real life she’s playing the role of Dungeon Master for all kinds of groups, and frequently performs on live streams for charity.

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Lauren –  Lauren graduated from NYU with a degree in drama, and is currently working on getting a Master’s degree in film production down in New Orleans. She started playing D&D 8 months ago and has been hooked ever since! Find her on Twitter here.  

Totodee – Totodee is the leader of the mad tea party on Twitch, and can be found streaming Blizzard games! Find her on Twitter here.

HarleysArmory – Sam plays Nilea on Monthly Modules, and has a passion for cosplaying. Find her on Twitter here.

Chris – Chris is 27 from the UK and has always had a passion for the ‘theatre of the mind’.

“I play roleplaying games like D&D because they are great ways to express oneself in entertaining, eccentric and even serious ways and has taught me so much about social dynamics, working as a team and even help me discover a love for problem solving as it gets you to think in such creative ways.”

Also if any there’s any D&D players that want to go out with him, he’ll happily give you a d8. Find him on Twitter here.