Museum of Magicks Instant Door Knob

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by Mack Eaton    Twitter

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Originating from the City of Doors used as a thief’s tool for breaking into buildings without a trace, this seemingly ordinary device resembles a door knob with a corkscrew on the back.

Once per day the instant door knob can be used by screwing it into a surface, producing a magically crafted into said surface. The door knob cannot produce a door larger than the surface it has been screwed into. The door swings towards the side that the knob is on, there is no knob or handle produced on the other side. Once the knob is removed the door is gone, if the door was left open when the knob is removed the material stays in place.

The size of the door created is decided by the user when the knob is put in place, but may be no larger than 12 feet tall and no greater than 5 feet wide. The door and surface is structurally sound while the knob is in place, once removed the structure is no longer magically supported.

Please refer to the D&D manual for Object Armor Class as a reference for how hard it is to screw this magical door knob into different materials.

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