Museum of Magicks – Arcane Sheath

Museum of Magicks – Arcane Sheath

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
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What once held a legendary Archmage’s blade now lies vacant, forgotten in the attics of an abandoned mage’s tower. Waiting for someone, anyone to offer it their blade. The sheath has no master, but when offered companionship it may choose to favor the actions of she who carries it. The sheath is finely crafted out of leather with gold stitchings holding it together and a large teardrop sapphire near the tip.

The Arcane Sheath accepts any sword or dagger of medium or small size, and grows or shrinks to fit a blade that would not normally fit. When a weapon is unsheathed it is enchanted for a short duration, imbued with the magics of the sheath. At first the sheath decides the magic imbued, but the sheath may attune itself to the wielder depending on how it feels about them as it is an intelligent item.


When unattuned the Arcane Sheath enchants a weapon when it is unsheathed, providing a bonus 1d8 damage on the next attack that succeeds. While enchanted the weapon counts as a magical weapon.

The type of damage is determined by rolling on the following table:

RollDamage TypeDescription
1AcidThe weapon emerges from the sheath with a green liquid seeping from the metal of the blade
2ColdA slight chill can be felt as the blade is removed, frost covering the blade from hilt to the tip
3FireAs the blade is removed a roaring flame comes with it, dancing on the sword as it is swung around
4ForceThe blade glows a pale white and emits a humming as it moves through the air
5LightningThe sound of crackles can be heard as the blade is removed from the sheath, lightning forking off of the blade as if it were its own contained thunderstorm
6NecroticA dark fog surrounds the blade and faint wails can be heard as it is moved about, like the pleading of souls from another world


To attempt to attune the sheath to its owner it must be in their possession for a minimum of a month’s time and they must be a wielder of arcane magic. To make an attempt the wielder must make a DC20 Intelligence (Arcane) check once per week after the first month of owning the sheath.

Characters who have cast a level 2 or higher Arcane spell while in possession of the sheath get Advantage on this check. The attunement check takes place during spell preparation, the sheath observing the caster intently.

When attuned the caster may select which type of damage the sheath imbues when the blade is drawn. In addition the caster may summon the sheath if it is within sight, the sheath soaring through the air to the caster’s side.

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