Museum of Magicks – Bell of Equilibrium

Museum of Magicks – Bell of Equilibrium

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

Old man Karuther’s lived on his own out in a small house. He always found enough time to keep his own household maintained and to help neighbors with their own tasks. He was well loved within his community. One day there came shouting and screaming from within Karuther’s household, one would assume a domestic dispute but Karuther’s lived alone. When one of his neighbors came knocking the door creaked open and Karuther’s was found unconscious on the ground, most of his belongings trashed and the place was an absolute mess. When Karuther’s came to his senses he told them it was nothing, they were making a big deal about nothing, he had gotten drunk and fell over. A few weeks later the same thing happened, Karuther’s pleaded with them to leave it alone. As time went on the occurrences of the violent outbursts grew more frequent, Karuther’s was damaging not only his property but would often end up damaging the belongings of his friends. When asked who was doing all of this Karuther’s insisted “It’s me that’s doing all of this!” but none of them could believe such a kind old man would do such things.

In the end his neighbors had him committed as he would not explain to them who kept trashing his place. He just kept repeating “It’s been me all along! Save me from myself!”

This handheld bell is made of a metal that has been painted black and has a clapper with a small diamond on the tip. Around the waist of the bell is the side profile image of a smiling face looking at a face that bears an angry look. When rung the bell creates a duplicate of its caster, the duplicate lasts for one minute or until the bell is rung again. When the duplicate is summoned the player must make a DC14 Arcana Check to gain control over the copy. The duplicate shares spell slots with its caster as well as hit points. The duplicate acts on the same turn as the player and has skills and stats to match. A duplicate can only be made once per day.

Evil Duplicate

Should the player ring the bell and fail the Arcana Check the duplicate is summoned under the DM’s control with the goal of creating chaos and harm. If the player tries to recall the duplicate to the bell the duplicate can make a DC18 Wisdom save to resist the call of the bell. Regardless of Wisdom saves the duplicate will return to the bell after 1 minute of existence.

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