Museum of Magicks – Comb of Follicular Fortitude

Museum of Magicks – Comb of Follicular Fortitude

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

A silver comb with a handle on the shape of a mustache, this stylish brush finds itself in the hands of those with the most luscious hair or the fullest of beards. The Comb of Follicular Fortitude has the unremarkable ability to create hair on the face and head of a humanoid, the stylings being that of whatever the user desires. Beware those that know not how to wield the comb, as it may have adverse effects, for what the comb may so gracefully grant, it can also take away.

The Comb of Follicular Fortitude can be used once per day, the wielder can apply hair to any part of their face and head as they see fit and must make an Intelligence Check related to the difficulty of the hair/beard/moustache style they’re trying to pull off (base DC14, change at your discretion). The style lasts until the next day, where their hair features return to normal. Provided the wielder was successful and they were trying to disguise themselves as someone else they gain advantage in their attempt to create a visual disguise.

Should the wielder fail one of many adverse effects may happen. They may end up with the wrong style, the wrong color, hair too luscious, hair too greasy, or their hair may even fall out. Their hair will return to normal the following day, unless their hair has fallen out, enduring baldness is up to DM discretion.

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