Museum of Magicks – Everfrost Satchel

Museum of Magicks – Everfrost Satchel

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

Two steel buckles with snowflakes engraved upon them hold the flap shut of this weathered brown leather bag. The outside of the bag is very worn, and it sways on its leather strap as its owner struts about. Spotting some children at play in the snow he unbuckles the bag, cold air can be seen drifting out the top of the bag as he opens it. Reaching inside he feels around a bit and then pulls out a perfectly spherical snowball. He passes it to one of the children at play and then continues on his merry way.

The Everfrost Satchel is a magical leather bag with an inside that is forever cold. The satchel can be used as a portable refrigerator, but its true potential is as a creator of magical thrown weapons. Once per day the satchel can convert one gallon of water into 1d6 Everfrost Snowballs and 1d3 Everfrost Icicles.

Everfrost Snowballs

A perfect spherical icy snowball, the Everfrost Snowball packs quite a punch. When thrown as a weapon the Everfrost Snowball deals 1d4 damage plus the attacker’s Strength modifier. The snowball melts shortly after impact.

Everfrost Icicles

Resembling the tip of a spear made of ice, the Everfrost Icicle proves to be a deadly weapon. When used as a throwing weapon the Everfrost Icicle deals 1d8 damage plus the attacker’s Strength modifier. When an opponent is hit they must make a DC16 Strength save or the portion of their body struck is encased in ice. An opponent coated in ice has disadvantage on whatever actions the ice may be hindering. The ice melts after 6 rounds. The Everfrost Icicles may be used on inanimate objects as well to create a layer or seal of ice.


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