Museum of Magicks – Invisible Chain Mail

Museum of Magicks – Invisible Chain Mail

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

The farmers were huddled together in their barn, the bandits had become so cocky they came in broad daylight demanding money and food. “We can’t spare any more!” The farmers pleaded “we’ve given you enough already!” The bandits displeased with this response started hurling rocks at the barn “Give us the goods n’ the coin n’ we won’t be back.” Said one of the bandits. “Least not till next week!” Chuckled one of the others. “I don’t think you should come back ever!” A loud stoic voice echoed.

The bandits turned to see a bare chested man with long brown hair standing across from them in the road, with a paper clutched in one hand. “I can only assume you’re the culprits this wanted ad is looking to have dealt with.” The leader of the bandits motions for his friends to draw their weapons “lookit this fool, he ain’t even wearin’ a shirt!” And an arrow is let loose at the man, but is deflected right off of his chest. “Aha! It is you!” Exclaimed the man as he stated his approach towards the bandits. The bandits continued to fire arrows but each was deflected off of the man’s unarmored torso. Frightened and somewhat disturbed by their inability to hit this stranger the bandits fled back into the forest.

The Invisible Chain Mail is as advertised, a set of chain mail that has been imbued with the ability to become invisible. When not equipped it takes on the form of regular chain mail, but the moment it is donned it fades away, becoming invisible to the naked eye. The chain mail is also silent, but it maintains the weight of regular chain mail, causing disadvantage on Stealth checks. Invisible Chain Mail acts as Chain Mail +1 when worn (AC: 16, with AC modifier of +1).

When performing Deception or Intimidation checks where the Invisible Chain Mail be of use (such as a sword striking your chest and causing no wound to intimidate an opponent) you have advantage. When performing an Insight check to deduce that someone may be wearing invisible armor roll against a DC of 25. An attempt to conceal the fact that you’re wearing invisible armor may be done as an Athletics check.


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