Museum of Magicks – Kinetic Shield

Museum of Magicks – Kinetic Shield

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

“Physics and Magic have more in common than most realize.”

The Kinetic Shield is a beautiful marriage of science and magic, invented by a scholar and a wizard who prefer to make tools of protection instead of weapons of war. Crafted out of steel, the shield has 5 sapphires embedded around it. When an object, person or spell strikes the shield one of the sapphires lights up, storing the force of the attack within it. Built up force can then be released disarming or knocking back foes using the stored energy. Sadly as the scientific and magical advances aren’t far enough in this field the energy can only be stored for up to 10 minutes.

The Kinetic Shield provides +2 to AC. When an attack is made against the wielder and is blocked by AC one of the sapphires on the shield lights up. After 10 minutes the gem will fade and the energy stored is lost. The force of the shield can be unleashed using a Shield Bash attack (see Rules Note below).

Against a Opponent of the same size as wielder:

1 Sapphire – Advantage on a Disarm Attack to knock the opponent’s weapon away 15 feet

2 Sapphires – Shield Bash has 10 foot knockback

3 Sapphires – Shield Bash has 15 foot knockback

4 Sapphires – Shield Bash has 20 foot knockback

5 Sapphires – Shield Bash has 20 foot knockback and renders the enemy prone

When knocking an enemy back they must succeed on a Strength save of DC15. When using the shield against an opponent in a size category larger than the wielder the opponent has advantage on the save, when using it on an opponent in a size category smaller than the wielder the opponent has disadvantage.

Rules Note: Treat a Shield Bash as an Improvised Attack unless they have the Shield Master Feat, then the rules of the Kinetic shield may coincide with the Shield Master’s shove. If you are using homebrew rules for Shield Bashing feel free to combine it however you see fit.

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