Museum of Magicks – Owlkin Cowl

Museum of Magicks – Owlkin Cowl

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

A hood of brown and silver petals that sparkle in the moonlight, this cowl has proven to be both functional and stylish. The wearer of this cowl possesses the ability to spin their head around 360 degrees, much like an owl. Benefits include being able to entertain people at small parties, checking who is tapping on your shoulder, and making sure no one is sneaking up on you.

The person wearing this cowl can move backwards at a normal pace without worries of tripping, cannot be flanked in combat, and can make sight based perception checks in any direction without having to turn their body around. When the cowl is removed their neck returns to its normal functionality as if they had never put the cowl on.

“The magician performed many of his usual tricks on stage, but the trick that garnered the most applause was when his sidekick hit him so hard his head spun right around. To this day I still cannot figure out what magic he used to perform such a maneuver.”

– A Review of a performance by the great magician J.S. Robb

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